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Look Me In The Eye
Portraits of Kansas City

65 Portraits by 65 Local Artists
Showing at The Epsten Gallery through November 29th
Gallery hours: open 7 days a week: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Review from KC Studio:


Look Me in the Eye: Portraits of Kansas City 65 works by 65 artists curated by Elisabeth Kirsch and Mike Lyon Fernando Achucarro, Ricky Allman, Ione Angilan, Rhonda Barber, Philomene Bennett, Joe Bussell, Ariana Chaivaranon, Tom Corbin, Steff Crabtree, Sherry Cromwell Lacy, Dominique Delgado, Ryan Delgado, Julie Farstad, Jessie Fisher, Barbara Florez, Aimee Fresia, Elise Gagliardi, Rachelle Gardner-Roe, Jeremy Garton, Tom Gomersall, Tanya Hartman, Jennie Haugen, Diane Henk, Corin Hoke, Peregrine Honig, Kwanza Humphrey, Jennifer Hutton, Robert Jinkins, Linda Jurkiewicz, John Keeling, Alex Krahenbuhl, Dean Kube, Sara LaGrand, Jim Lawrence, Christopher Leitch, Yue Li, Kathy Liao, Kim Lindaberry, Ritchie Lynne, Mike Lyon, Clinton Marstall, Michael McCaffrey, Jean McGuire, Wilbur Niewald, Melanie Nolker, Benjamin Parks, Anne Austin Pearce, Jason Pollen, Lonnie Powell, Johne Richardson, Jim Sajovic, Hasna Sal, Jon Schroeder, Roger Shimomura, Hyeyoung Shin, Chico Salvador Sierra, Harold Smith, M.C. Snodgrass, Chloe Sotomayor, Emily Stark, Sonié Joi Thompson-Ruffin, Rebecca Tombaugh, Michael Toombs, Mark Walter, Ryan Wilks

President's Welcome

What is this place we call The Epsten Gallery?

It’s a room with walls that can be transformed into an interactive art space for multi-generational use; a place where art becomes therapy; a place to explore different media and learn how art and life intersect; a place to explore and get your hands dirty.

It’s a room where I remember my mother-in-law, Jackee Epsten. She wanted to share art with the community of Village Shalom, a facility with a vision to enable senior adults to flourish in a safe, caring, compassionate community. She wanted families to come inside, look at art together and become engrossed in projects. Jackee loved to share her passion of art and movement with her grandchildren. She hoped people would come visit quality gallery exhibits that make us pause, think and appreciate life, as she did.

The Epsten Gallery’s mission is to provide innovative programs and art exhibitions that engage, inspire and enlighten a diverse community through all stages of life, celebrating our common humanity through art.

Join us as we explore outside the gallery, too. The Epsten supports art therapy at Children’s Mercy Hospital, St. Mark Child and Family Development Center, as well as at Village Shalom.  We enjoy collaborating with art organizations throughout the Kansas City community and beyond.

Please tour our website and come visit us in the Gallery and consider joining our efforts as a Friend of the Epsten Gallery.


Ginny Epsten
Board President