Raisa Venables

Mary WesselJohnScottAndersonDan Frueh







From left to right, Green House, 2014 by Raïssa Venables, Archival Pigment Print Courtesy the Artist and Galerie Wagner + Partner, Berlin, Untitled (From series Worldscapes), 2013 by Mary Wessel, Type-C print, Courtesy the Artist, Book of grass #1, 2012 by Jon Scott Anderson, Archival Pigment Print, Courtesy the Artist and Haw/Contemporary, Kansas City and Prairie Fire, 2014 by Dan Frueh, Archival Ink Jet Print, Courtesy the Artist.


Phenomena: The Material Image
November 16, 2014 – January 11, 2015

Public Opening Reception:
Sunday, November 16, 2014, 1-4 p.m.
Gallery Talk with artists: 2-3 p.m.

The Epsten Gallery announces the opening of Phenomena: The Material Image, a group exhibition featuring artists who utilize traditional and digital photography to reveal various ways of perceiving and achieving abstraction within the broad spectrum of contemporary art.

Phenomena showcases hybrid works commingling realism and abstraction connoting multifaceted interpretations of image and visual language. Through digital media, unconventional applications of traditional photo-processing techniques, and physical and conceptual manipulations of imagery and objects, the artists cross boundaries between reality and fiction. Altered landscapes, constructed environments, de-contextualized imagery and evocative abstractions correlate within a show challenging ways of seeing and understanding our world.

Evolving notions of abstraction, artifice and the “real” are themes alongside the expansive use of and pliability of photography as an art form. The ability to alter and invent multiple “realities” presents a palpable shift indicative of our increasingly multi-dimensional life experience in modes that are simultaneously actual, virtual and conceptual.

Featured Artists: Timothy Amundson, Jon Scott Anderson, Dan Frueh, Michael Pointer, Paul Anthony Smith, Kati Toivanen, Raïssa Venables, and Mary Wessel

UrbanSuburban X:  Perception & Reflection

10th Anniversary Exhibition
September 7 – October 26, 2014

Toh_Hello Cup Cake


 Feinstein_Bra Salesman







Left Image: Heinrich Toh, Hello Cupcake, 2014, monoprint and mixed media, $2,400, Courtesy the Artist and Roan & Black Saugatuck Contemporary Art, Saugatuck, MI

Center Image:  Brett Reif, Plop: Hard Serve, 2014, tile, mixed media, $1,500, Courtesy the Artist (sold)
Right Image:  Gloria Baker-Feinstein, Bra Salesman, Kajjansi, Uganda, 2013, archival ink jet print, $600, Courtesy the Artist

The Epsten Gallery celebrates the 10th anniversary of UrbanSuburban!  New this year, the Epsten Gallery is hosting an exhibition without an art auction with works by 60 artists available for purchase.  Artists may collect 50%  of the proceeds on the sale of their works with the remainder going to support Epsten Gallery’s programs.

Additionally, the Epsten Gallery invited Joshua Fischer, Assistant Curator at Rice University Gallery, Houston, TX, to serve as guest curator/juror to review submissions and select artwork for this exhibition.

The 2014 UrbanSuburban Co-Chairs are Epsten Gallery Executive Board member, Bill Kort, and Past President, Michael Klein.

UrbanSuburban X: Perception & Reflection

Participating Artists

Jorge Garcia Almodovar • Sylvia Rose Augustus • Marci Aylward • Lynn Benson Betty Bikson • Derrick Breidenthal • Tim Brown • Joe Bussell • John Davis Carroll Chris Dahlquist • Lorrie Crystal Eigles • Gloria Baker Feinstein • Linda Filby-Fisher • Rachelle Gardner • Rhonda Ginsberg • The Estate of Lester Goldman • Shea Gordon Festoff • Meredith Host • Molly Kaderka • Jessica Kincaid Misha Kligman • Lee Knox • Don Kottmann • Janet Kuemmerlein • Judith Levy Megan Mantia & Leone Reeves • Karen McCoy • Marlene Melzer • Miles Neidinger Jason Pollen • Jane Pronko • Robert Quackenbush • Carlyle Raine • Sharon Reeber Brett Reif • Rachel Rosenfeld • Jim Sajovic • Janet Satz • Emil Schuzel • Phil Shafer Deanna Skedel • Irma Starr • Carla Malone Steck • Julia Steinberg • Julian Stropes John Sutton III • Larry Thomas • Cheryl Toh • Heinrich Toh • Kory Twaddle Sandra Van Tuyl • David Watne • Mary Wessel • Terry Wheeler • Casey Whittier Allan Winkler • James Woodfill

Looking At After plus A Creative Spark

April 6 – May 18, 2014

Four Contemporary Artists Reflect on Legacy

The Epsten Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition, Looking At After: Four Contemporary Artists Reflect on Legacy, featuring Tanya Hartman, Cima Katz, Misha Kligman and Benjamin Rosenthal.

Four artists, ranging in age from 29 – 64, invoke their Jewish heritage as they look back to the Holocaust as a seminal fact of their artistic identity. Through their art, they convey personal histories and perspectives reflecting upon history, language, society, and individual and collective loss.

Utilizing a range of media including painting, poetry, collage, printmaking, video and sound, their contemplative works coalesce to create a chorus of expressions attesting to the communicative, life-affirming power of creativity in the face of anguish and adversity. Through indirect, metaphorical narratives, these works prompt thoughts, conversations and questions regarding the way in which different generations consider the Holocaust, and how this pivotal period of history is conveyed and absorbed today.

A Creative Spark – The Art of
Anna Ilona Gondos

In conjunction with Looking At After is A Creative Spark: The Art of Anna Ilona Gondos. Mrs. Gondos (1910 – 1985), her husband, Dr. Bela Gondos (1903 – 2003), and their only daughter, Dr. Judy Gondos Jacobs, survived the Holocaust after leaving their home in Budapest, Hungary on June 30, 1944. They were together at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany from July – December of 1944, where Mrs. Gondos engaged in art making with children in the camp with the only materials available: sticks and dirt. With these materials, she was able to spark the creative imaginations of these children and give them hope. The family came to America in 1946, and many years later, Mrs. Gondos reconnected with her artistic practice, creating paintings in oils and pastels, a selection of which will be featured in this exhibition.

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